• Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Personal training specialist
  • Former NCAA Athlete

My story. My mission.


Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of training individuals from all walks of life including professional athletes, stay-at-home parents and individuals with special needs, to name a few.

I played nearly every sport growing up from basketball and track & field, to baseball and mixed martial arts. I played football at the NCAA level before having to retire due to injury. As someone who has been active all their life, it saddens me to know that there are so many people out there missing out on what life truly has to offer because they refuse to get moving and put in a little bit of work to optimize their physical potential. That is part of the reason I chose this career path; to help others achieve a better quality of life.

I specialize in helping people gain lean muscle mass; however, I have many clients who I’ve helped lose the weight they’ve been trying to get rid of for years! Whatever your goals may be, I ensure that I design a training and nutrition plan that is tailored to accomplish them.

Regardless of who I’ve trained, the core passion and reward for helping others achieve their goals have always been the same. The success and feeling of accomplishment that my clients feel when they begin to feel stronger both physically, as well as mentally, is the same that I feel when I help them get there.

I am my clients’ biggest fan along their journey!



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