Fire Fighter and Canadian Armed Forces National Soccer Player

My name is Daniel Veiras and I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces National soccer team (CISM Soccer Canada), as well as a Canadian Forces Firefighter. I was born and raised in Toronto, and I have known Ty since we were both young children. Being both a competitive athlete and a firefighter, I need to remain in top mental and physical shape both on the soccer pitch and while at work because one minor mistake could bear major consequences. In order to remain mentally and physically sharp, an “average” training routine does not cut it for me, I need something that pushes me far beyond my limits – which is exactly what I get every single time I train with Ty. Because of the nature of military sports in Canada, we, Canadian athletes, are expected to manage our own time respectively in order to dedicate enough time to training, and be in top shape at each and every training camp. Luckily, I’ve had Ty in my corner for years and have proven to be amongst the most physically and mentally fit players at each training camp I’ve attended. Ty’s training methods are extremely exclusive to the trainee, effectively aimed towards achieving the goal of the individual. Playing soccer for my whole life, I’ve trained with many high-level coaches and trainers, and the level of training I receive from Ty has proven to be just as, if not more, effective. Personally I have seen improvements in all aspects of my game since I started training with Ty and I will definitely continue to put in the work with him off the pitch in order to continue making such an impact on the pitch.