Architect – Canada

Almost exactly one year ago I woke up one day and decided there was more to my story–that I’m more than a 50-year-old former elite competitive gymnast who didn’t return to a gym for 35 years. 

A career change sent me back to school 15 years ago and landed me at a desk, behind a computer screen. With this new very stressful and sedentary job my health gradually started slipping. My knees. My eyes. My shoulder and upper back. My lungs and of course, my weight. I had to admit to myself that I was no longer that highly fit, super agile and athletic person to whom physical things used to come so easily. It seemed like a now or never kind of situation.

I suppose you could call it luck or fate. But it was clearly my good fortune that when I made the decision to hire a personal trainer, I randomly partnered up with Ty through a small downtown gym. The changes began to happen immediately. I guess I was ready for it. In retrospect though, there are a few essentials I have learned. Humble yourself. 35 years is a long time. You’re going to really suck at first. Realize your starting point doesn’t matter. The goal is to simply start moving in the right direction. It takes just a few seconds to refocus your priorities. What’s more important to you, your health or your job? It’s easy when you’re in it for the long haul. There doesn’t have to be anything intolerable. No ridiculous diet. No all-consuming exercise regimen required. Just agree to follow through on something that you know you can manage. Change will come gradually if you commit.

In just one year I think my results have been impressive and positive change continues to happen. I’m 5’2” and I’ve lost 22lbs. I’ve regained a lot of lost muscle, so the overall effect seems much greater than that. I’m far stronger and more agile than I was a year ago. I still have the same job and I still have the same crazy family life but somehow it seems more balanced. I respond to the same stresses much better. Everything is more manageable. I’m more positive and optimistic. Sometimes you’ll hear people say the opposite but for me the journey has been easy. Yes, easy and fun. But I know myself. I didn’t bother with unreasonable goals and quick fix expectations. I’m very patient. I know the food I like to eat, and I know that I like to drink wine. So crash diet was out. I’m only a little bit more careful with what I eat. I committed to working out “hard” three times a week for one hour. That’s really all I can muster. I’m busy and I get tired and sore. But I never miss the workouts. So, I’d say the change that this journey has brought to all aspects of my life has been dramatic but not difficult. I’ve become disciplined and consistent.

I know this all started a year ago with me making a personal decision to make some improvements to my health but there’s no way I could have done it alone. I had no idea how to exercise, how to improve nor even which things that I needed to improve. (As it turns out there have been advances in the world of exercise science in the past 35 years.) Ty has been an excellent guide for me. With a true winning personality and unending wealth of knowledge and creativity, every single workout has been interesting, challenging and different. He will teach you the way to reach your goals. With all that in mind, I have two recommendations: make a commitment to yourself and make an appointment with Ty. Two very good investments.