Professional Basketball Player – Australia

I became a client of Ty’s in September of 2018. At the time l had just finished my basketball season in Australia and was disappointed in how my body handled the year and felt like I needed a change in my strength training. After a few talks and giving him all the necessary information, we began our online program. He tailored the program specifically to what I wanted to improve, and he was constantly checking in and giving me feedback. The workouts were challenging and really pushed me to get the best out my self. We continued the online training for several months. Entering into my new basketball season, I saw the benefits immediately. I felt stronger, more athletic and overall just more confident in what I could do with my body. My production doubled in almost every statistical category and I know without Ty’s guidance I wouldn’t have been able to do it. His passion and dedication stand out and that’s amazing to me since we didn’t even train in person. I would highly recommend Ty to any athlete or non athlete wanting a personal trainer.